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I am a programmer, writer, and retro-gamer. I've made websites for Batman. I've rewritten old games to put them on the web. I have a fascination with data, both visualizing it, mining it, and migrating data from old systems to new.

I use Python, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C#. I still remember AppleSoft BASIC and a few 6502 assembly language opcodes. Since 2014, I've been at Metal Toad as a Software Architect.


Eamon Remastered

Eamon is a classic interactive fiction game with RPG elements, written for the Apple 2 in 1980. Eamon Remastered is a remake of the classic game for the modern web. Play Eamon adventures in your browser without needing an emulator.

Freeways Data Visualization

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I observed with a combination of awe and horror how many lanes are on all the freeways there. It seemed that the entire Portland freeway system could fit into just a few miles of LA freeways. So I built a unique little data visualization app to show the difference. Choose a city and the app will show how much of the LA freeway system that city's freeways would fill up, by drawing it onto the map of LA.